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We want to tell you about our registered agent services and more! EC3 is a blend of accounting, marketing, graphic design, and small business growth services.  Our team consists of a dedicated staff qualified for each of your small business needs.  We make growing your business easy!

On this page, we tell you a little bit more about who we are, what we will do, and your account.

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Georgia registered agent service:

In the State of Georgia, the Secretary of State requires each corporate entity to designate a registered agent to receive all legal correspondence and legal notifications.  The Georgia registered agent must have a permanent address and cannot be at a P.O. Box.

Considering the registered agent receives all the legal correspondence, would you or any of the officers of the company want to disclose your private residence?  Or would you or any of the officers of the corporation want to risk any of your employees or staff seeing legal correspondence?

The answer most veterans have is no.  They defer the registered agent role to a hired assignee.  It is safe, discrete, a common and good business practice, and the benefit of a third-party reminding you to renew your most important corporate filings.

Your Georgia registered agent service personalized account:

Once you pay your annual fee with us, we provide you your own on-line shared folder. If we receive any correspondence, we scan it immediately into our directory and notify you via email and telephone. If you desire the paper documents, we’ll send those on to you. You may choose as many email addresses as you feel are necessary to ensure we reach you.

If you do not respond to our emails or our telephone calls. We will continue to try and reach you until we know you’ve been reached. We highly recommend listing your attorney and CPA as additional contacts. Our Georgia registered agent service is fast and efficient.

Your Georgia registered agent annual filing reminders:

If you are an officer of a LLC or a corporation, it is your obligation to the State of Georgia and the Secretary of State to file your annual report. This is true even if you do not desire to continue your operations. As a rule of thumb, do not rely on the State of Georgia Secretary of State to notify you of any filings. You must place this on your calendar and complete this on time to avoid late filing fees.

As a prudent business owner you owe it to your corporation to be on time with your filings. Let EC3 be your Georgia registered agent and we’ll make sure you are notified and taken care of.

Your Georgia registered agent forms:

As soon as you pay your $48 registered agent fee to us, you will have access to all forms in the Secretary of State’s database. We’ve got them all filled out with our information in there for you. We’ll be able to provide you for profit and non-profit corporate forms, forms for Georgia LLC, foreign entity registration, change of agent forms, and more.

Your paid account folder will contain instructions on how to use the documents we provide. How many Georgia registered agent services do you know of that make it this easy for $48?

We advocate for small businesses all over Georgia!

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