Terms and Conditions:

EC3 Small Business Solutions provides these Terms and Conditions.   We receive a lot of phone calls, and we service a lot of clients.   Please consider these Terms and Conditions before choosing us to do business with:

  1. We reserve the right to reject any client or potential client for any reason if we feel that there are: a) legal compliance issues b) identity issues c)  transparency issues d) personality issues.  We do not limit our right to reject to these specific issues.
  2. EC3 Small Business Solutions is a virtual accounting service.  Your accounting professional works very hard from his/her own home office.  While in-person appointments are available, we currently do not offer in-person consultations. This provides you, the consumer, with a lower market price for the service[s], we provide, which are located on the home page of this web site.
  3. No communication is construed as any sort of advice unless it is specifically paid for, as a line item on an invoice you tender payment in US$  for , and is for your business and/or your individual return.
  4. We do not offer ANY services which help you cheat on your taxes.  Please DO NOT contact us if you intend to, or have ever made a practice of cheating on your taxes.
  5. The tax return process:
      1. We establish communication and go over your company, your tax situation, and come up with an action plan;
      2. All new tax clients must have a copy of the tax return for the last year they filed a tax return – WE DO NOT MAKE EXCEPTIONS;
      3. We establish the documents we need to prepare your return based on your unique tax situation;
      4. Once we commence a tax return for our agreed to price and have tax documents, discussions, input sessions, etc., we have earned our right to bill you for our time if you do not complete the tax return process.  Our hourly rate for tax returns is $100 per hour [one-hundred dollars];
      5. Tax returns are finalized in 3 stages
        1. You will receive a Do Not File copy of your return to review for accuracy of your information and expenses.  Your Do Not File copy of your return is NOT your final return, and cannot be used to substantiate anything other than making sure your information is correct;
        2. Once you review your items and your tax preparer is ready, then we will finalize all sensitive information over the telephone.  Information to electronically file your tax return such as your Driver’s license, date of birth, etc. is input before we send your return for electronic signature;
        3. All parties required to sign tax returns must have a unique email address to sign his/her name.  Your e-signature copy of the return is sent to you for electronic signature and must be completed within [2] two days.
  6.   Your tax preparer’s role for your tax return:
    1. Inspect your documents and evaluate your tax documents for accuracy
    2. Input your return accurately
    3. Make sure your assets and depreciation are properly booked
    4. Provide you guidance on items you may have missed such as telephone expenses, or obvious items unique to your field of business
    5. Properly resolve any issues with your actual return such as an IRS rejection of an electronic file
    6. Electronically file your return through the IRS efile system