Should you have a registered agent for your business?

We’ve noticed over the years that almost every small business either forgets to renew on time or lists themselves as a registered agent.  **We do not recommend listing yourself as a registered agent**

If you are starting a new business, you know that there is a lot to remember. Getting the official paperwork done for the state of Georgia may a bit overwhelming for you or may not be on your top priority list.

It’s a FACT: It is a requirement to keep your business entity current in each state that you do business in.  

The odds of anything drastic happening are slim, but and if there is a worst case scenario–then you’ve cost yourself a LOT more than the less than $80 filing fee with the state!  Don’t let this happen to you.

We can get you and your business registered, do it quickly and accurately, and be the point of contact for you. We can make sure that your business documents stay current, and do this for a very reasonable fee.  We can process the paperwork on your behalf, submit it quickly and get the documents you need back to you, to allow you to stay current in the state of Georgia. We offer automatic renewal, as well. Using us as your registered agent is hassle free! Don’t let your LLC or Corporation lapse. Let us make sure it stays up to date.

Call us about affordable registered agent services at 404-971-7775. We offer great customer service, too! We are happy to answer any questions you have about renewing yours, or using us as your registered agent.