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Reasons How a Bookkeeper Can Help Your Business

s13When you run a business, the responsibility falls on you for most decisions. Running a profitable business while keeping up with all the details is a tough job! It’s only human that you need support. Even if you have a CPA or an in-house bookkeeper at your company, EC3USA can still help you grow your business.

Here are a few different ways that EC3 Bookeeping can help you in your business:

  1. A second set of eyes on the book to catch mistakes and oversights. Everyone makes mistakes! We’re only human. It helps to have someone else watching over you (Or your books) to make sure that they are done right, in order and done on time.
  2. Catch over-spending and over-budgeting. If a mistake is made month after month, and its something that the company is used to doing, it may go approved month after month. By allowing us to review your expenses, we can catch things that you may not need and things that you may be over-spending on.
  3. Learn new tips or tricks that save you money on QuickBooks. If your bookkeeper has not had a class in over 5 years, things have changed! They may need an update of their skills and/or practices. We can show them quick and easy ways to do bookkeeping that will save money, save time, and avoid frustration down the road.
  4. Outsourcing means no added payroll expense. By outsourcing only what you need help with (accounting or bookkeeping), you can save money in training, payroll fees, and on insurance.
  5. Less Stress and More Time on Your Business! By letting us handle the bookkeeping, you can do what you do best: run your business! Let us do the accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, monthly billing and more. Leave the bookkeeping to us by calling: 404-971-7775 or visit our other web pages:
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Do I Need a Bookeeper for My Small Business?

s13If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, then you probably pride yourself on your ability to get things done solo. After all, programs such as QuickBooks do all the work for you, right?

Well, the answer may actually be no.

You started your business to focus on doing what you love, not to wrangle receipts and stay up late at night reconciling your company’s credit card transactions. Losing money may not be the only downfall if you mishandle your company’s accounting—if you make the mistake of confusing personal and business funds, you may wind up getting dragged into a lawsuit and facing significant fines.

At EC3, we handle all of your day-to-day bookkeeping needs from maintaining ledgers, analyzing cash flow, preparing deposits, managing QuickBooks, organizing payroll, preparing budgets, overseeing collections, completing invoices, executing employee expense audits and more.

At EC3, we are passionate about providing you the best accounting and bookkeeping experience you’ve ever had. Call us today and let’s get started: 404-971-7775

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How to Find Mistakes in Your Accounting: Get a Second Pair of Eyes on Your Books!

With so many user-friendly, step-by-step bookkeeping software programs available these days, like Quickbooks, many business owners feel they can keep their own records. What they are not aware of is the patience it takes to keep numerous records, learning the program and doing it correctly, and the time it takes away from their business and their family. Having a professional bookkeeper track your expenses contributes to the success of your growing business!

At EC3 we offer a variety of services such as: bookkeeping, payroll, human resources, accounting, and registered agents. When looking for one of these services, business owners must look for specific qualities; experience, education, accuracy, software knowledge, accounting policy and procedures, data entry, and tax prep and planning. Our staff at EC3 can provide you with 15+ years of business related backgrounds to ensure that your financial assets are well taken care of.

Disorganized and inaccurate bookkeeping leads to a loss in crucial documentation, miscalculations in financial statements, payroll issues, and missed deadlines for tax records. An accountant can help you review all your reports and track your expenses to insure proper financial documentation.

Bookkeepers can see things you overlook; they can identify what your business should or should not be paying for. A qualified clerk can clean up your expenses and assets; they can advise you on how to spend your hard earned money and also how to save it. Poor accounting practices are a big reason that some new businesses fail. You cannot be in control of a business if you do not know what is going on with your money.

Many small businesses feel they cannot afford to hire a bookkeeper, but even during economic hardships they realize that if they aren’t careful about their money, they soon will be out of business. At EC3, we offer thorough, dependable, and accurate work for rates starting at just $50 a month. Let us invest our time in making sure the books are right so that you can focus solely on your business. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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The Easiest Way to Do Taxes is Here!

The Internet is definitely a game changer when it comes to tax preparation, and it’s no surprise that online tax prep programs have gained popularity over traditional brick-and-mortar accountants for some time now. But finding a happy medium between the confidence of a trusted and licensed professional and the convenience of instant uploading has made customers have to choose between the two. Until now.

Meet our new app—EC3 Taxes.

Designed to work for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running IOS 7.0 and later, our latest app is not only free, it’s efficient.

Gone are the days when you spend hours examining your W2s and meticulously typing in the required info, line by line. And no more collecting your paperwork week after week and driving to your accountant or the post office. With our new app, simply snap a photo of your important documents and upload directly into our secured server. Fill in your contact info, and we’ll take it from there!

Also use our app to access our contact info, shoot us an email, or give us a call. We are here to streamline your tax preparation as much as possible, and customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

At EC3, we make business simple.

Small Business Accounting Done Right: EC3USA Wants to Help Grow Your Business

Every business needs to make money to stay in business and be successful. As a business owner, it can become difficult to keep up with common issues of a growing business, while trying to run the business too! Maintaining a sales force, giving effective customer service, and marketing your business all require your attention.
A growing business needs adequate financial records and balance statements to be able to move ahead with their growing business and its needs. Often times, this gets put off until it is too late, because the management is too busy selling, dealing with clients, or just doesn’t know how to maintain the books.  This is how EC3 Accounting Solutions can help you! 
We can help your business with these essential bookkeeping and accounting issues:
1. Bank Reconciliation
2. General Ledger
3. Balance Sheets
4. Cash Flow Analysis
5. QuickBooks Setup and Administration
6. Payroll, and Monthly Payroll Tax Deposits
7. Invoicing
8. Collections
9. Budget Preparation
10. Monthly Bill Payments
11. Accounts Payable
12. Sales Tax Filing
Don’t put off what needs to be done when it comes to your business future and its financial success. Call EC3 to help you, at 404-971-7775.


Keeping Your Budget in Check During the Holidays

The Christmas holidays can really add up to some major spending charges when January comes, if we aren’t careful. With some people going on extended family trips, flying across the country, or simply buying gifts for a large family, the spending can really add up. What do you do to keep this spending under wraps and within your limits?

Start with a holiday budget: How much can you spend? Who do you need to buy for? What will you spend for each person? Now, list what they want and itemize the price by the name. Total it up, and you have a holiday budget!

Make a Christmas buying list and stick to it, and it will lower your holiday stress and keep the credit card bills away!

Here are a few more ideas to help you stretch your Christmas budget…

  1. Draw names with family members so that each person gets 1 name each. With everyone splitting up the name, it also splits the expense. That helps save you time and money!
  2. Give a homemade gift: Maybe you can’t sew a quit in a day, but you could bake cookies, make a keepsake gift, or other homemade gift ideas. If you are good at woodworking, sewing, baking, calligraphy, etc. use those skills to make a personal gift for a loved one.
  3. Prioritize what is most important: When a child give us a list that is a whole page long of Christmas presents, you should have them put a star by their most favorite. Ask them to mark their favorites a week later, because things can change in the moment and as the week goes by. You aren’t expected to buy everything!
  4. Buying Gift Certificates: When a gift is expensive and over budget, you can give a gift certificate or gift card to that store. It is still nice to be able to pick out what you want and go shopping later. It gives them something to look forward to: After Christmas sales!
  5. Giving to the Poor: As adults, we could participate in a “joint gift venture” for a family that is less- fortunate. If everyone puts their money into the same pot, or they all bring a gift to give to some other family, everyone will feel good about it, and no one will feel like they didn’t get their share.

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