Better Bookkeeping Leads to a Better Business!

With so much user-friendly, step-by-step software available today, (such as QuickBooks, Excel), many business owners feel they can keep their own records. What they are not aware of is not only the patience it takes to keep numerous records, but the time it takes away from their business. Having a professional bookkeeper track your expenses contributes to the success of your business.

At EC3, we offer a variety of services such as: bookkeeping, payroll, human resources, creative, accounting, and registered agents. When looking for one of these services, business owners must look for specific qualities; experience, education, accuracy, software knowledge, accounting policy and procedures, data entry, and tax prep and planning. Our staff at EC3 can provide you with 15 years of business related backgrounds to ensure your most important assets are well taken care of.

Disorganized and inaccurate bookkeeping leads to a loss in crucial documentation, miscalculations in financial statements, payroll issues, and missed deadlines for tax records. An accountant can help you review all your reports and track your expenses to insure proper financial documentation. Bookkeepers can see things you overlook; they can identify what your business should or should not be paying for. A qualified clerk can clean up your expenses and assets; they can advise you on how to spend your hard earned money and also how to save it.

Poor accounting is a huge reason why some businesses fail. You cannot be in control of a business if you do not know what is going on in your finances. Many small businesses feel they cannot afford to hire a bookkeeper, but even during economic hardships they realize that if they aren’t careful about their money, they soon will be out of business. We offer thorough, dependable, and accurate work for rates starting at just $50 a month. Let us invest our time in making sure the books are right so that you can focus solely on your business. Contact us today to schedule an appointment: 1-844-692-6655

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How Can EC3 Accounting Solutions Help You in Your Business?

EC3 Accounting Solutions responded to an industry-wide need of accounting services that would offer personalized service that is geared toward your type of business.

Often times, business owner’s families and employees are forced to work with tax preparation specialists or accountants who don’t make customer service a priority.  It can also be tough to reach their current CPA or Bookkeeper when they need questions answered right away, and for matters of money, sometimes you need fast answers!


At EC3 Accounting Solutions, we promptly reply to all emails and telephone calls! We sincerely care about you and your business and want to help you make it more profitable, run more efficiently and look for ways to help you. Our team of bookkeeping and accounting professionals are well versed in all small business models, and our team is passionate! We want to help our clients get their best possible tax refund.

EC3 Bookkeeping Solutions offers these services for business:

  1. Payroll services,
  2. Federal and state tax preparation
  3. General ledger bookkeeping
  4. Invoicing
  5. Company Quickbooks set up, etc.

EC3 also offers homeowners and families strategic bill planning, budgets, monthly bank reconciliation, investment strategies, and more. The founder of ECS, Collin Landis said:

Our job is to provide Metro Atlanta, GA the best bookkeeping services, accounting and tax preparation services while maintaining the highest industry standards.” Our accounting and bookkeeping services are unmatched! Call us today to get started.