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Add More Profit to Your Business

As a business owner, you know what’s like to wear multiple hats: one day you’re a graphic designer and manager, and the next a shipping clerk and IT specialist. And of course, every business needs a sales manager and marketing director, but a business simply cannot function without an organized and trusted bookkeeper and accountant. After all, it matters very little how well your company runs or how much product you sell if the numbers aren’t accurately tracked.

So ask yourself this question: if a portion of your workload could be taken on by a trustworthy company that stands behind their work 100%, why WOULDN’T you want to take advantage of an opportunity to spend your time doing what you love instead of the tasks that take the joy out of being a business owner? 

At EC3, we offer personalized results with a proven track record of helping our clients not just reach, but exceed their goals. On average, EC3 increases net profit of our clients by 28% a year. As a business owner that wants to grow his business, this is a no-risk proposition! Call us today to get started with bookkeeping or accounting needs.

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Do I Need a Bookeeper for My Small Business?

s13If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, then you probably pride yourself on your ability to get things done solo. After all, programs such as QuickBooks do all the work for you, right?

Well, the answer may actually be no.

You started your business to focus on doing what you love, not to wrangle receipts and stay up late at night reconciling your company’s credit card transactions. Losing money may not be the only downfall if you mishandle your company’s accounting—if you make the mistake of confusing personal and business funds, you may wind up getting dragged into a lawsuit and facing significant fines.

At EC3, we handle all of your day-to-day bookkeeping needs from maintaining ledgers, analyzing cash flow, preparing deposits, managing QuickBooks, organizing payroll, preparing budgets, overseeing collections, completing invoices, executing employee expense audits and more.

At EC3, we are passionate about providing you the best accounting and bookkeeping experience you’ve ever had. Call us today and let’s get started: 404-971-7775

Small Business Accounting Done Right: EC3USA Wants to Help Grow Your Business

Every business needs to make money to stay in business and be successful. As a business owner, it can become difficult to keep up with common issues of a growing business, while trying to run the business too! Maintaining a sales force, giving effective customer service, and marketing your business all require your attention.
A growing business needs adequate financial records and balance statements to be able to move ahead with their growing business and its needs. Often times, this gets put off until it is too late, because the management is too busy selling, dealing with clients, or just doesn’t know how to maintain the books.  This is how EC3 Accounting Solutions can help you! 
We can help your business with these essential bookkeeping and accounting issues:
1. Bank Reconciliation
2. General Ledger
3. Balance Sheets
4. Cash Flow Analysis
5. QuickBooks Setup and Administration
6. Payroll, and Monthly Payroll Tax Deposits
7. Invoicing
8. Collections
9. Budget Preparation
10. Monthly Bill Payments
11. Accounts Payable
12. Sales Tax Filing
Don’t put off what needs to be done when it comes to your business future and its financial success. Call EC3 to help you, at 404-971-7775.

Small Businesses Can Benefit the MOST from Outsourced Accounting!

Are you a small business in need of assistance with your bookkeeping practices? EC3 Accounting can help you quickly and easily! Maybe after tax season you realized that you needed to get your books in order. Maybe you had to file an extension because you are over-whelmed at work? We can help get you and your business organized financially.

We make your financials look perfect and immediately make them more valuable. This brings more value to your business, as well. We do this by analyzing your financials, your daily operations, and your business model. We make strategic recommendations to help you fine tune your bookkeeping and accounting records. We can show you how to put these into practice.

Using our network of proven result-driven professionals, we select the right fit for your business. Our bookkeeping services streamline your current set of operations to give you an accurate snapshot of your needs.

Having an outside professional look at your financials and make suggestions on how to make them better can greatly improve your business! Consider stepping out of your old habits, and trying a new idea to make improvements to your business. Call EC3 Accounting today: 1-844-692-6655   or log on to:

Is Your Business Up to Date with the State?

Each year, corporations must update their Secretary of State profile. One of EC3 greatest achievements is to cut these fees for you.  Through us, you can have one bookkeeper or accounting firm keeping up with your corporate filing and state requirements so that you don’t have to pay late fees or miss your renewal.

We’ll file your annual update and list EC3 as your registered agent for $49 (plus standard filing fees). If you receive any correspondence made attention to the registered agent, we will forward to you for the price of postage. Each year, corporations must update their Secretary of State profile so that this stays up to date.

If you need this service, click on this link:

We offer so many services for businesses, you won’t need to go anywhere else! We have direct links to our registered agent services, state of Georgia filing tips and corporation filings.

Registered Agent Services

Registered Agent Services

Better Bookkeeping Leads to a Better Business!

With so much user-friendly, step-by-step software available today, (such as QuickBooks, Excel), many business owners feel they can keep their own records. What they are not aware of is not only the patience it takes to keep numerous records, but the time it takes away from their business. Having a professional bookkeeper track your expenses contributes to the success of your business.

At EC3, we offer a variety of services such as: bookkeeping, payroll, human resources, creative, accounting, and registered agents. When looking for one of these services, business owners must look for specific qualities; experience, education, accuracy, software knowledge, accounting policy and procedures, data entry, and tax prep and planning. Our staff at EC3 can provide you with 15 years of business related backgrounds to ensure your most important assets are well taken care of.

Disorganized and inaccurate bookkeeping leads to a loss in crucial documentation, miscalculations in financial statements, payroll issues, and missed deadlines for tax records. An accountant can help you review all your reports and track your expenses to insure proper financial documentation. Bookkeepers can see things you overlook; they can identify what your business should or should not be paying for. A qualified clerk can clean up your expenses and assets; they can advise you on how to spend your hard earned money and also how to save it.

Poor accounting is a huge reason why some businesses fail. You cannot be in control of a business if you do not know what is going on in your finances. Many small businesses feel they cannot afford to hire a bookkeeper, but even during economic hardships they realize that if they aren’t careful about their money, they soon will be out of business. We offer thorough, dependable, and accurate work for rates starting at just $50 a month. Let us invest our time in making sure the books are right so that you can focus solely on your business. Contact us today to schedule an appointment: 1-844-692-6655

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How Can EC3 Accounting Solutions Help You in Your Business?

EC3 Accounting Solutions responded to an industry-wide need of accounting services that would offer personalized service that is geared toward your type of business.

Often times, business owner’s families and employees are forced to work with tax preparation specialists or accountants who don’t make customer service a priority.  It can also be tough to reach their current CPA or Bookkeeper when they need questions answered right away, and for matters of money, sometimes you need fast answers!


At EC3 Accounting Solutions, we promptly reply to all emails and telephone calls! We sincerely care about you and your business and want to help you make it more profitable, run more efficiently and look for ways to help you. Our team of bookkeeping and accounting professionals are well versed in all small business models, and our team is passionate! We want to help our clients get their best possible tax refund.

EC3 Bookkeeping Solutions offers these services for business:

  1. Payroll services,
  2. Federal and state tax preparation
  3. General ledger bookkeeping
  4. Invoicing
  5. Company Quickbooks set up, etc.

EC3 also offers homeowners and families strategic bill planning, budgets, monthly bank reconciliation, investment strategies, and more. The founder of ECS, Collin Landis said:

Our job is to provide Metro Atlanta, GA the best bookkeeping services, accounting and tax preparation services while maintaining the highest industry standards.” Our accounting and bookkeeping services are unmatched! Call us today to get started.